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​Vehicle Classes
2022 Ironstone Concours d’Elegance

2022 Class List 

B  Vintage
C  American & European Classic Open
D  American & European Classic Closed
E  Pierce-Arrow
F  Packard
G  Lincoln through 1973
H  Wood Bodied Cars
I    Race Cars
J   Derham Coachwork
K  Unrestored to 1959
L   Unrestored 1955-1973
M  Mini & Micro Cars
N  American Production: 1946 to 1954
O  American Production: 1955 to 1961
P   American production: 1962-1973
P-1   AMC
Q  American Muscle Cars
Q-1 Chevrolet Corvette
Q-2 Chevrolet Corvair
Q-3 Ford Mustang
R   European Japanese and British through 1973 (to be divided based on entry mix)
R-1   Mercedes-Benz Automobiles
R-2   Jaguar Automobiles
R-3   MG Automobiles
R-4   Triumph Automobiles
R-5   Porsche Automobiles
R-6   Morgan Automobiles
R-7   Austin Healey Automobiles
R-8   Borgward Automobiles
T   Ford Thunderbird
U  Vintage Commercial to 1973
V  Vintage Motorcycles
W  Vintage Trailers & Campers
X  DeTomaso
Z  Stationary Engines and Tractors​