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Applications for 27th Anniversary will be available soon. Please refer to the list of classes below and refer to Entry Standards below.

Judging Standards
Rather than awarding first, second and third prizes in each class, our judges will be asked to designate a percentage of the cars in each class to receive a ribbon indicating an Award of Merit. From that group, judges will choose one vehicle designated Best of Class. From the Best of Class winners, an overall Best of Show entry will be selected. The Race Car Class will also designate one car to receive the Martin Swig Memorial Award for outstanding contribution to the support of vintage racing.

As has been our custom, in addition to our usual overall awards and several new ones, Best of Class vehicles will parade over the Ironstone Amphitheater stage. We feel this change is consistent with our determination to keep the Ironstone Concours d’Elegance a fun, relaxing and elegant event…more reminiscent of the European concours d’elegance of the 1930s, where each car was judged on its overall elegance and style rather than for its minutely detailed restoration or physical perfection.

Entry deadline is August 31, 2023. The show field will be available for car placement starting at 10:00 a.m. on Friday. To avoid the Saturday-morning rush, we prefer that entrants come early and place their vehicles on the field Friday afternoon. All entered vehicles must be in their assigned spaces no later than 9:30 a.m. on Saturday.

Please remember that only stock, unmodified cars are accepted at Ironstone Concours d’Elegance. We also love original, unrestored and well-maintained vehicles. All entrants and participants are invited to attend the Cars & Stars wine-tasting reception and dinner on Friday night and the Gala Luncheon on Saturday. These wonderful events are important in our efforts to raise funds for our worthy beneficiaries.

Entry Standards

  • The Ironstone Concours d’Elegance is a show for vehicles in their original or restored-to-original condition. Generally, the most recent permissible model year is 1973. Modified cars, hot rods and customs are not accepted. 
  • The Ironstone Concours d’Elegance reserves the right to combine and divide classes based on the entry mix. Due to space limitations, some classes might be limited in the number of vehicles accepted.
  • Individual marque classes may be broken out depending on entry numbers.

Entrants are encouraged to drive their cars to the Ironstone Concours d’Elegance. Each entered vehicle will be judged in its class or category by standards emphasizing the elegance and integrity of the vehicle’s design as deemed appropriate for its era and type.

Undercarriages, engine compartments, trunks and personal areas will not be judged. Judges will take no notice of normal vehicle wear and usage.

The entry committee must approve all applications and reserves the right to reject any vehicles that do not meet the standards of the Ironstone Concours d’Elegance. Vehicles must be driven through the checkpoint and onto the show field. A special trailer unloading and parking area will be available.

Note: Any vehicle that has won Best In Class will not be eligible for judging in the year immediately following. However, previous winners are welcome for display only and may return for judging in future years.

​Vehicle Classes
2023 Ironstone Concours d’Elegance

2023 Class List 

B  Vintage
C  American & European Classic Open
D  American & European Classic Closed
E  Pierce-Arrow
F  Packard
G  Austin and Bantam Cars
H  Wood Bodied Cars
I    Race Cars
Porsche 75th Anniversary
K  Unrestored to 1959
L   Unrestored 1960-1973
M  Mini & Micro Cars
N  American Production: 1946 to 1954
O  American Production: 1955 to 1961
P   American Production: 1962-1973
Q  American Muscle Cars through 1973
Q-1 Mopar Muscle Cars through 1973
Q-2 Corvette through 1973
European, Japanese and British through 1973
     (to be divided based on entry mix)
R-1   Mercedes-Benz
S   Model A Ford
T   Ford Thunderbird
U  Commercial
V  Motorcycles
W  Vintage Trailers
X  DeTomaso
Z  Stationary Engines and Tractors​

FAQ & Rules

Mobility-challenged guests may seek assistance by calling (209) 728-1251 for cart service to a drop-off location as well as restricted elevator access.

The venue has large flat concrete sidewalks, but there are many elevation changes and numerous stairs. Most of the cars on display are parked on a large, open, grassy field, much of which is on a mild hill.   

Seating—with and without tables—is available at various locations on the winery grounds. Patrons should also feel free to sit at picnic tables, chairs and on stone walls.

The Ironstone Concours d’Elegance is held outdoors. Guests should prepare properly for sun exposure. Shady areas are available throughout the venue, but afternoons can get warm, and long-term exposure to direct sunlight can be harmful. Be sure to bring and apply sunscreen.

Water is available free of charge until supplies run out. Food vendors also have beverages available for purchase.  

Guests are not allowed to bring ice chests into the Ironstone Amphitheatre grounds.  

Alcohol will be available for purchase. Guests may not bring their own alcoholic beverages into the venue.

This is a casual, family-friendly event. Guests are encouraged to come in period attire.  

Well behaved pets on a leash are welcome. Please mind your pet around the cars and children. Pet owners should be prepared to clean up after their animals.

Parking is available in the lower parking lot and on overflow parking at the top of the hill. Please respect others regarding speed and dust.  Handicapped parking is available in designated locations.

Please do not speed on the entry road or parking areas. There are livestock and permanent neighbors in the area. Roads are not designed for large vehicles, so please be careful of slower traffic.

Restrooms are located throughout the venue. Please check the map in your program for the facility nearest you.

Drones are not permitted at the event. Drone operators will be escorted off the premises and will not be allowed to return to future shows. 

All media rights are retained by the Ironstone Concours Foundation. For information about press passes, please call (209) 269-6950.

For lost and found items, please go to the security office at Ironstone Vineyards. The office telephone number is (209) 728-1251.


1933 Pierce-Arrow V-12 Le Baron Conv.
Robert Jacobson – Los Altos, California

1923 Hispano-uiza H6B million-quiet touring
Bill Kuettel – Capitola, California

1935 Lincoln K Le Baron Coupe
Lynn James – Tracy, California

1909 Maxwell LD Roadster
Vic Groah – Tulare, California

1942 Ford GPW Combat Jeep
Paul Turounet – Murphys, California

1926 Lincoln Judkins Coaching Brougham
National Auto Museum – Reno, Nevada

1950 Jaguar XR 120 Alloy Roadster
Mark Miller – Los Gatos, California

1964 1/2 Ford Mustang Convertible
Richard M. Hohas – El Dorrado Hills, California

1973 Corvette Coupe
Kim & Rachel Nelson – Shingle Springs, California


Class A: Antique
1911 Interstate BullDog 40hp Toy Tonneau
Scott Henningson – Salinas, California

Class B: Vintage 1926- through 1942
1931 Ford A Sport Coupe
Paul Shinn – Valley Springs, California

Class C: American & European Classics

1934 Auburn V12 1250 Convertible Sedan
Thomas Craig – Prather, California

Class D: American & European Classics – Closed
1929 Cadillac 341 B Sedan
Rod & Cindy Dahlgren – Napa, California

Class E: Pierce- Arrow Automobiles
1933 Pierce-Arrow V12 LeBaron Conv. Sedan
Bob Jacobson – Los Altos, California

Class F: Packard Automobiles
1934 Packard 1107 V12 Convertible Victoria
Academy of Art – San Francisco, California

Class G: Lincoln through 1973
1956 Continental Mark II Convertible
Blake Weston – Columbia, California

Class H: Wood Bodied Cars
1932 Ford B-150 Station Wagon
Michael and Sarah King – Minden, Nevada

Class I: Race Cars

Class J: Derham Coachwork
1948 Dodge D-24 Derham Coupe
Ramshead Collection – Lincoln, California

Class K: Unrestored, to 1954
1909 Maxwell LD Roadster
Vic Groab – Tulare, California

Class L: Unrestored, 1955-1975
1961 Chrysler Newport Sedan
Mark Magliazzo – Atwater, California

Class M: Micro & Mini Cars
1957 BMW Isetta 300
Ron & Mark Davis – Angels Camp, California

Class N: American Autos 1946 through 1954
1953 DeSota Firedome Convertible
David Greene – Alameda, California

Class O: American Autos 1955 through 1961
1957 Pontiac Star Chief 2 Door Hardtop
Pete Bulthuis – Ripon, California

Class P: American Autos 1962 through 1973
1965 Pontiac Grand Prix Hardtop
Allan McCrary – Vacaville, California

Class P-1: AMC
1969 AMC AMX Big Bad Red Coupe
John Hull – Discovery Bay, California

Class Q: American Muscle Cars
1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Coupe
Jamie Timms – El Dorado Hills, California

Class Q-1: Chevrolet Corvette
1963 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible
Allan Avery – Stockton, California

Class Q-2: Chevrolet Corvair
1965 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa Convertible
Erin Sicard – Folsom, California

Class Q-3: Ford Mustang
1965 Ford Mustang GT Fastback
Dale Hart – Oakland, California

Class R: European, Japanese & British Sports through 1973
1973 Datson 240Z Coupe
Gary Nakashima – Woodbridge, California

Class R-1: Mercedes-Benz Automobiles
1959 Mercedes Cenz 190SL Roadster
Michael Thoben – Groveland, California

Class R-2: Jaguar Automobiles
1955 Jaguar XK 140 Convertible
Craig Marrazzo – Suisun City, California

Class R-3: MG Automobiles
1968 MGB Convertible
Carl & Keli Gwyn – Elk Grove, California

Class R-4: Triumph Automobiles
1966 Triumph TR4A Roadster
Dan Sendek – Sacramento, California

Class R-5: Porsche Automobiles
1967 Porche 911 Coupe
Don Wrightson – Elk Grove, California

Class R-6: Morgan Automobiles
1958 Morgan Drophead Coupe
Roy & Davina Lane – Columbia, California

Class R-7: Austin Healey Automobiles
1956 Austin Healey 100M Roadster
Ron Strong – Santa Clara, California

Class R-8: Borgward
1960 Borgward Isabella Coupe
Ron Engle – MinneTrista, Minnesota

Class T: Ford Thunderbird
1955 Ford Thunderbird
Augie & Jille Scioto – Atwater, California

Class U: Vintage Commercial to 1973
1936 GMC R-14 Pickup
Michael J. Griva – Greenfield, California

Class V: Vintage Motorcycles
1934 Benelli 500 Sport Racer Grand Prix
Pat Phinney – Carmel, California

Class W: Vintage Trailers & Campers
1956 Airstream Bubblew/47 Mercury Wagon
Michael & Aedan Haworth – Sebastapol

Class X: DeTomaso Automobiles
1969 De Tomaso Mangusta
Greg Taylor – Burlingame, California

Class Z: Stationary Engines and Tractors
John Deer 1934 Model A
Jimmy and Lisa La Maack – San Jose, California